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Armand & Michaela Denis On Safari
  1st Series
    Comet Sweets - 1961
  2nd Series
    Comet Sweets - 1961

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and feature photos taken "on
safari" in Africa by Armand and Michaela Denis.

No.   Title

1st Series

 1    Tree Pangolin on a log: tail cut off in picture.
 2    Zebra grazing.
 3    Leopardess facing the camera and snarling.
 4    Armand and Michaela Denis teaching Dik Dik to nurse from goat.
 5    Ground Squirrel with his tail held over his back.
 6    Michaela Denis with a lion cub.
 7    Spring Hare, with front paws resting on the ground.
 8    Radial tortoise on the brow of a hill.
 9    Small Bush Baby or Galago clinging to a vertical branch.
10    Yellow maned lion resting and licking his lips.
11    Female Vervet Monkey with her tiny baby.
12    Lilac Breasted Roller resting on a branch.
13    Two immature Thompson's Gazelles resting, and sniffing.
14    Male Yellow Bishop bird in close up.
15    Close up of the head and neck of a baby ostrich.
16    Armand Denis with Donald, the Meerkat.
17    5 Elephants walking towards the camera at an angle.
18    patas Monkey, the red ground monkey of Africa.
19    Masai Giraffe - mother, father and baby.
20    Michaela Denis giving Charlie Chimpanzee a banana.
21    Michaela Denis with tiny Dik Dik antelope.
22    Armand and Michaela Denis with a Long Crested Hawk Eagle.
23    Side view of Grey Duiker, a forest dwelling antelope.
24    Hippopotamus half out of water yawning.
25    Small Bush Baby or Galago resting on a branch in close up.

2nd Series

26    Mother Rhinoceros resting with her baby.
27    Herd of Topi Antelope.
28    Ground Squirrel looking out of its hole.
29    Michaela Denis in close up with giant chameleons on her.
30    Aardwolf resting at the back of a natural rock cave.
31    Close up view of Augur Buzzard, sky background.
32    Wood Ibis, or Painted Storks, resting and with one preening.
33    Michaela Denis sitting near Thompson's Gazelle.
34    Hooded Vulture on a branch.
35    Jacana or Lily Trotter pecking at Hippo's ear.
36    Vultures and Marabou Storks on a dead elephant.
37    Close up, head and neck of Hooded Vulture, sky background.
38    Rhinoceros with enormously long horn.
39    Armand Denis nursing Basenji Dog from the Belgian Congo.
40    Caracal or African Lynx in close up, showing tufted ears.
41    Emperor Moth resting in lichen covered branch.
42    Side view of Hippopotamus walking on open plains.
43    Baboon calling and screaming its head off.
44    Cape Buffalo after having a mud bath.
45    Baby Lion cub, female, resting on the grass.
46    Male paradise Flycatcher, with long tail, feeding chicks.
47    Red Forest Duiker Antelope (Harvey's) in forest glade.
48    Big Bull Elephant with crossed tusks - from a low angle.
49    Side view of Giant Forest Rat on grass background.
50    African Grey Cockatoo.

--    (Card Album)

©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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