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Strange But True, Second Series
   Coopers Tea - 1961

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-13/16" x 1-7/16".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs show descriptive text.

No.   Title

 26   The Greatest Mathematician Failed His Exam
 27   An Animal that Absorbs it's Own Tail
 28   Fish that Act as Pilots
 29   Something which no One Has Ever Seen at the Time
 30   Creatures with a Radar System
 31   The Bird which Never Rears Its Young
 32   An Insect that Provides Fine Clothes
 33   An Empire for Sale
 34   Light into Sound and Sound into Light
 35   An Industry that Depends on a Wasp
 36   A Whole Ox for a Meal
 37   The Marvel of Helen Keller
 38   The Lake that Sings
 39   Trees that Commit Suicide
 40   Does Grass Feel Pain?
 41   Animals that Use "Poison" Gas
 42   Why does a Candle Flame Go Out at a Puff
 43   A Bed of Nails
 44   The Marvel of a Pearl
 45   Coral and Coral Reefs
 46   Who do Glow Worms Glow?
 47   What Gives a Grape its Bloom?
 48   How Flies Walk Upside Down
 49   The Grave of Sailing Ships
 50   What is a Dew Pond?

 --   (card album)

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