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History of the Blue Lamp, 2nd Series
Gaycon Products Ltd. - 1962

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8"; about half of the "portrait"
orientation cards are printed with the card backs upside-down in relation
to the card fronts.

No.   Title

 26   The Thief-Takers
 27   The Lawless Apprentices
 28   The First Detective
 29   The Famous Fielding
 30   The Bow Street Runners
 31   The Bow Street Patrol
 32   The First Horse Patrol
 33   The Regular Police
 34   The River Pirates
 35   The "Peelers"
 36   The People Rebel
 37   Friends of the People
 38   The Old-Time "Bobby"
 39   80,000 Policemen!
 40   The Mounted Police
 41   River Police
 42   The Silver Wing
 43   Police Cadets
 44   Motor-cycle Police
 45   Women Police
 46   Radio Cars
 47   Police Recruits
 48   City of London Police
 49   Dog Handlers
 50   The Children's Friend

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