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Do You Know?
   Coopers Tea - 1962

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". Card fronts feature full-
colour artwork and card backs feature descriptive text. Thanks to Maple
Leaf Collectibles for the original list!

No.   Title

  1   Blackpool Tower
  2   Colorado Beetle
  3   Great Diving Beetle
  4   Statue of Liberty
  5   Sydney Harbour Bridge
  6   Rubber
  7   Cricket Balls
  8   "Old Faithful"
  9   Dymchurch Railway
 10   Babington Puzzle
 11   Channel Hovercraft
 12   Television Cameras
 13   Stockholm Harbour Relic
 14   The Moon
 15   "Giraffe" Women
 16   Locusts
 17   Sacred Cattle
 18   Jumping Jets
 19   Sundials
 20   Eiffel Tower
 21   North Sea Rig
 22   World's Oldest Gold Coin
 23   Twelve-Sided Threepenny Piece
 24   Solar Flashlight
 25   Common House Fly
 26   Underwater Photography
 27   The Television Camera
 28   Radar
 29   The Mohole Project
 30   Neon Lighting
 31   Vertical Take-Off Airliner
 32   Ultra-Sonic Detector
 33   Solar Batteries
 34   X-Rays for Industry
 35   Rain Maker
 36   Coventry Cathedral Tapestry
 37   The Tallest Building in Britain
 38   Toadstools and Science
 39   Oil From Under The Waves
 40   Electronic Block Making
 41   "Ariel" British Space Shuttle
 42   The Nuclear Ship "Savannah"
 43   Light to Prevent Blindness
 44   Supersonic Aircraft
 45   The Netherlands' Sea Defences
 46   The "Flying Crane"
 47   Magnetic Tape Recording
 48   The Diving Saucer "Denise"
 49   B.B.C. Television Centre
 50   Typing at 180 Words a Minute

 --   (card album)

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