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Travel Through the Ages
Typhoo Tea - 1962

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Viking Ship
  2   15th Century Sailing Ship
  3   Sedan Chair
  4   Mail Coach
  5   Sailing Ship
  6   Prairie Covered Wagon
  7   Japanese Jinrikisha
  8   Cariage and Pair - Oxen
  9   Camel Train
 10   Russian Troika
 11   Elephant Howdah
 12   Dog Sledge
 13   Hanson Cab
 14   Bicycle
 15   Motor Scooter
 16   Lifeboat
 17   Underground Train
 18   Modern Train
 19   Racing Car
 20   Modern Car
 21   Aeroplane
 22   Helicopter
 23   Submarine
 24   Space Ship

 --   (Card Album)

©2001 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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