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Wings Across the World
Lyons Tea - 1962 (descriptive backs)
Lyons Tea - 1961 (non-descriptive backs)

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". Thanks much to Pieter van 
der Zwaart for the update!

No.   Title                         Nation

  1   Armstrong Whitworth Argosy    United Kingdom
  2   Avro 748                      United Kingdom
  3   Bristol Britannia             United Kingdom
  4   De Havilland Comet            United Kingdom
  5   De Havilland Trident          United Kingdom
  6   Handley Page Herald           United Kingdom
  7   Vickers-Armstrongs Viscount   United Kingdom
  8   Vickers-Armstrongs Vanguard   United Kingdom
  9   Vickers-Armstrong VC.10.      United Kingdom
 10   Canadair Forty Four           Canada
 11   Sud Aviation Caravelle        France
 12   Dresden 152                   East Germany
 13   Fokker F.27 Friendship        Netherlands
 14   Boeing 707 Intercontinental   U.S.A
 15   Boeing 720                    U.S.A.
 16   Convair 990                   U.S.A.
 17   Douglas DC-8                  U.S.A.
 18   Lockheed Electra              U.S.A.
 19   Il 18                         U.S.S.R.
 20   Tu 104A                       U.S.S.R.
 21   Tu 114                        U.S.S.R.
 22   Westland Rotodyne             United Kingdom
 23   Boeing V.107                  U.S.A.
 24   Sikorsky S-61                 U.S.A.

 --   (Card Album)

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