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British Butterflies
Brooke Bond - 1963

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8"; illustrated and described by Richard
Ward.  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Title                            Classification

 1    Speckled Wood                    Pararge aegeria
 2    Wall                             Pararge megera
 3    Small Mountain Ringlet           Eribia epiphron
 4    Scotch Argus                     Erebia aethiops
 5    Marbled White                    Melanargia galathea
 6    Grayling                         Eumenis semele
 7    Meadow Brown                     Maniola jurtina
 8    Hedge Brown                      Maniola tithonus
 9    Small Heath                      Coenonympha pamphilus
10    Large Heath                      Coenonympha tullia
11    Ringlet                          Aphantopus hyperanthus
12    Small Pearl-Bordered Fritillary  Argynnis selene
13    Dark Green Fritillary            Argynnis aglaia
14    High Brown Fritillary            Argynnis cydippe
15    Silver Washed Fritillary         Argynnis paphia
16    Marsh Fritillary                 Euphydryas aurinia
17    Heath Fritillary                 Melitaea athalia
18    Glanville Fritillary             Melitaea cinxia
19    Red Admiral                      Vanessa atalanta
20    Painted Lady                     Vanessa cardui
21    Small Tortoiseshell              Aglais urticae
22    Large Tortoiseshell              Nymphalis polychloros
23    Peacock                          Nymphalis io
24    Camberwell Beauty                Nymphalis antiopa
25    Comma                            Polygonia c-album
26    Purple Emperor                   Apatura iris
27    White Admiral                    Limenitis camilla
28    Swallow-Tail                     Papilio machaon
29    Duke of Burgundy Fritillary      Hamearis lucina
30    Brown Argus                      Aricia agestis
31    Chalkhill Blue                   Lysandra coridon
32    Adonis Blue                      Lysandra bellargus
33    Holly Blue                       Celastrina argiolus
34    Large Blue                       Maculinea arion
35    Small Copper                     Lycaena phlaeas
36    Green Hairstreak                 Callophrys rubi
37    Brown Hairstreak                 Thecla betulae
38    Purple Hairstreak                Thecla quercus
39    Wood White                       Leptidea sinapis
40    Large White                      Pieris brassicae
41    Small White                      Pieris rapae
42    Green-Veined White               Pieris napi
43    Orange Tip                       Anthocharis cardamines
44    Clouded Yellow                   Colias croceus
45    Pale Clouded Yellow              Colias hyale
46    Brimstone                        Gonepteryx rhamni
47    Small Skipper                    Thymelicus sylvestris
48    Chequered Skipper                Carterocephalus palaemon
49    Silver-Spotted Skipper           Hesperia comma
50    Grizzled Skipper                 Pyrgus malvae

--    (Card Album)

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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