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The Story of the Locomotive, A Series
Kellogg Ltd. - 1963

Notes:  Many thanks to John Rand for the checklist!  John reports that many
of the Series 2 cards were not stamped, meaning that the card backs appear
identical to the same numbers in the first series.  Therefore, a list of titles can
be very useful in compiling a complete first-series set.  Another edition of
only 12 cards was issued in Eire in the same year, but I don't know what the
differences were.

No.   Title

  1   Locomotion No.1
  2   Rocket
  3   North Star
  4   Coppernob
  4   Stirling's 8ft Single No.1 1870
  6   Stroudley's 'Gladstone' 1882
  7   Ivatt's Atlantic No.990 1898
  8   City of Truro
  9   King George V
 10   Royal Scot
 11   Mallard
 12   Merchant Navy Class 1941
 13   No.10000 1947
 14   English Electric 'Deltic' 1955
 15   25 KV AC Electric Locomotive 1959 
 16   Evening Star

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