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African Animals
Brooke Bond (Canada) - 1964

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  The album features forewards
by Roger Tory Peterson (English) et Rolland Dumais (français).

No.   Title                 Classification

  1   Ring-Tailed Lemur     Lemur catta
  2   Bushy-Tailed Galago   Galago crassicaudatus
  3   Patas Monkey          Erythrocebus patas
  4   Mandrill              Papio sphinx
  5   Sykes' Monkey         Cercopithecus mitis
  6   Mantled Baboon        Cynocephalus hamadryas
  7   Colobus Monkey        Colobus abyssinicus
  8   Gorilla               Gorilla gorilla
  9   Chimpanzee            Pan troglodytes
 10   Giant Pangolin        Manis giantea
 11   Ground Squirrel       Euxerus erythropus
 12   Jumping Hare          Pedetes caffer
 13   Porcupine             Hystrix galeata
 14   Fennec Fox            Fennecus zerda
 15   African Hunting Dog   Lycaon pictus
 16   Black-Backed Jackal   Canis mesomelas
 17   Ratel                 Mellivora capensis
 18   Zorilla               Zorilla
 19   Genet                 Genetta
 20   Banded Mongoose       Crossarchus fasciatus
 21   Spotted Hyena         Crocuta crocuta
 22   Lion                  Panthera leo
 23   Cheetah               Acinonyx jubatus
 24   Leopard               Panthera pardus
 25   Caracal               Felis caracal
 26   Serval                Felis serval
 27   Aardvark              Orycteropus
 28   Rock Hyrax            Procavia
 29   Elephant              Loxodonta africana
 30   Zebra                 Equus quagga
 31   Black Rhinoceros      Diceros bicornis
 32   Wart Hog              Phacochoerus aethlopicus
 33   Red River-Hog         Potamochoerus
 34   Hippopotamus          Hippopotamus
 35   Giraffe               Giraffa
 36   Okapi                 Okapia johnstoni
 37   Buffalo               Syncerus caffer
 38   Wildebeest            Connochaetes taurinus
 39   Hartebeest            Alcelaphus buselaphus
 40   Bongo                 Boocercus euryceros
 41   Eland                 Taurotragus
 42   Kudu                  Strepsiceros
 43   Sable Antelope        Hippotragus niger
 44   Oryx                  Oryx beisa
 45   Impala                Aepyceros melampus
 46   Thomson's Gazelle     Gazella thomsoni
 47   Grant's Gazelle       Gazella granti
 48   Klipspringer          Oreotragus

 --   (Card Album, No. 7)

©2002 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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