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Butterflies of the World
Brooke Bond - 1964

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and are illustrated and
described by Richard Ward.  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the checklist!

No.   Title                                    Classification (Common Name)

  1   Zerynthia polyxena                       Papilonidae (Small Thais)
  2   Papilio antimachus                       Papilonidae
  3   Papilio demodocus                        Papilonidae (Chistmas Butterfly)
  4   Cryestis camillus                        Nymphalidae
  5   Precis octavia                           Nymphalidae (Gaudy Commodore)
  6   Hypolimnas dexithea                      Nymphalidae
  7   Cymothoe sangaris                        Nymphalidae
  8   Parnassius autocrator                    Papilonidae
  9   Teinopalpus imperialis                   Papilonidae (Royal Swallowtail or Kaiserihind)
 10   Bhutanitis lidderdalei                   Papilonidae (Bhutan Glory)
 11   Eulepis arja                             Nymphalidae (Pallid Nawab)
 12   Kallima inachus                          Nymphalidae (Orange Oakleaf)
 13   Euploea diocletiana                      Danaidae (Magpie Crow)
 14   Hebomoia glaucippe                       Pieridae (Great Orange Tip)
 15   Papilio buddha                           Papilonidae (Malabar Banded Peacock)
 16   Papllio (Ornithoptera) alexandrae        Papilonidae (Queen Alexandra's Birdwing)
 17   Papilio (Ornithoptera) victoriae         Papilonidae (Queen Victoria's Birdwing)
 18   Papilio (Ornithoptera) meridionalis      Papilonidae (Tailed Birdwing)
 19   Papilio (Ornithoptera) priamus croesus   Papilonidae (New Guinea Birdwing)
 20   Papilio (Ornithoptera) hypolitus         Papilonidae
 21   Trogonoptera brookiana                   Papilonidae (Rajah Brooke's Birdwing)
 22   Papilio ulysses                          Papilonidae (Blue Mountain Swallowtail)
 23   Papilio coon                             Papilonidae
 24   Dercas gobrias                           Pieridae (Sulphur Butterfly)
 25   Hestia lynceus                           Danaidae (Tree Nymph)
 26   Cryestis thyodamas                       Nymphalidae (Common Map)
 27   Delias harpalyce                         Pieridae (Imperial White)
 28   Morpho helena                            Morphidae
 29   Morpho hecuba                            Morphidae (Sun Butterfly)
 30   Morpho anaxibia                          Morphidae
 31   Callicore neglecta                       Nymphalidae
 32   Catagramma sorana                        Nymphalidae
 33   Papillio zagreus                         Papilonidae
 34   Siderone mars                            Nymphalidae
 35   Callithea saphhira                       Nymphalidae
 36   Jemadia hospita                          Hesperiidae
 37   Anaea panariste                          Nymphalidae
 38   Ancyluris meliboeus                      Erycinidae
 39   Ageronia arethusa                        Nymphalidae (Click Butterfly)
 40   Pereute leucodrosime                     Pieridae
 41   Nessaea hewitsoni                        Nymphalidae
 42   Heliconius cyrbia                        Heliconidae
 43   Metamandana dido                         Heliconidae
 44   Catopsilia avellaneda                    Pieridae
 45   Protogonius cecrops                      Nymphalidae
 46   Dismorphia jethys                        Pieridae
 47   Temenis laothoe                          Nymphalidae
 48   Papilio thoas                            Papilonidae (Citrus Swallowtail)
 49   Colias caesonia                          Pieridae (Dog's Head Butterfly)
 50   Danaus plexippus                         Danaidae (Monarch or Wanderer)

 --   (Card Album)

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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