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Do You Know?
   Sweet Cigarettes (Devlin) - 1964

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". The first 25 cards are the same as 
those in another frequent series with the same title, issued by multiple companies.

No.   Title

  1   Why a horse-shoe is used for luck
  2   Where women grow Giraffe-necks
  3   A mushroom from a toadstool
  4   How the flying-fish flies
  5   A butterfly from a moth
  6   Why a billiard cue is bevelled
  7   How snow crystals are formed
  8   How fast an ostrich travels
  9   The most perfect building in the world
 10   Why flowers are scented
 11   How coral is formed
 12   Why iron sinks
 13   What a Juggernaut is
 14   Why flags are flown at half-mast
 15   The construction of a pyramid
 16   A duck from a drake
 17   How a bee makes honey
 18   Why Toby Jugs are so named
 19   What causes lightning
 20   How a nettle stings
 21   The history of the F.A. Cup
 22   That some fish walk on land
 23   How a grasshopper sings
 24   How a Brazil nut grows
 25   The art of water divining
 26   Why coins have milled edges
 27   About lighthouses
 28   What is a volcano
 29   What stocks were used for
 30   About grapes
 31   Magna Carta Island
 32   The origins of May-Day
 33   What is a trampoline
 34   About fire
 35   About precious stones
 36   What is a mirage
 37   About shells
 38   What was the Gunpowder Plot
 39   The origin of fox-hunting
 40   Why the Tower of Pisa leans
 41   About Buddhism
 42   How laundry used to be done
 43   What is an oriel window
 44   What is the Great Seal
 45   About jelly fish
 46   Why some cars have "L" plates
 47   How a tadpole becomes a frog
 48   How pottery is made
 49   Where coconuts come from
 50   About minerals

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