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John Drake Danger Man
Somportex Ltd. - 1965

Note:  This 72 card series was issued by Somportex Ltd. London, printed in
Denmark, and mainly issued in the UK and Canada in gum-vending machines. 
Card size is 2 1/4" x 3 1/8", and the fronts feature black-and-white photos from 
the TV series, which was marketed in the U.S. under the title "Secret Agent" 
when it was lengthened to full-hour episodes. The full title, as referred to on 
the card backs and in guides, is "John Drake Danger Man." Thanks much to 
Darin Dunham for the checklist!

("There's a man who lives a life of danger. To everyone he meets, he stays a 
stranger. ... With every move he makes, another chance he takes. Odds are he 
won't live to see tomorrow." [Chorus] "Secret Agent Man, Secret Agent Man.
They're giving you a number, and taking away your name.") I just recite the 
theme to remind you that John Drake was played by Patrick McGoohan, who 
had another series where having a number instead of a name was important ... 

No.   Title

  1   Introducing John Drake.
  2   No Holiday for Drake.
  3   The Well-Dressed Man.
  4   A Change of Plans.
  5   The Mystery Radio Signal.
  6   The Portuguese Doctor.
  7   John Drake on the Trail.
  8   The Mysterious Clinic.
  9   A Surprise for John Drake.
 10   Will Headquarters Hear?
 11   An Interrogation.
 12   A Break for It.
 13   Trapped Again.
 14   The Guard Outwitted.
 15   The Way Out.
 16   The Call of Duty.
 17   Another Way In.
 18   Taking No Chances.
 19   Caught Again.
 20   Into the Surgery.
 21   The Missing Doctor.
 22   A Quick Change.
 23   A Tricky Operation.
 24   The Hands of a Surgeon.
 25   Recalled to Headquarters.
 26   Mind If I Smoke?
 27   Please Go On Talking!
 28   Looks Like Rain.
 29   A Visit to Paris.
 30   A Trail to Follow.
 31   Cross Country Run.
 32   The Drake-Shooting Season!
 33   An Old Acquaintance.
 34   John Drake for Export.
 35   Jump For It.
 36   Delay is Dangerous.
 37   A Bad Choice of Companion.
 38   Drake in the Hot Seat.
 39   Out of the Net.
 40   Never Too Late.
 41   No Time to Call His Own.
 42   Feeling a New Man.
 43   On the Beach.
 44   No Close Shaves for Drake!
 45   Someone Knows I'm Here!
 46   Can't You Let Me Sleep?
 47   Morning After.
 48   The Smallest Camera.
 49   No Shooting.
 50   The Genuine Badouin Arab.
 51   Sabotage Suspected.
 52   The Last Straw.
 53   A Time for Revenge.
 54   Another Toy.
 55   Smoke Without Fire.
 56   Sabotage Again.
 57   Too Much of a Coincidence.
 58   Time for Action.
 59   Drake Breaks Out Again.
 60   Gone to Ground.
 61   The Darkness Lightens.
 62   The Road to the Isles.
 63   Nothing to Say.
 64   Into the Vault.
 65   Turning the Tables.
 66   A Secret Revealed.
 67   The Last Stage.
 68   A Little Nightwork.
 69   What a Gas!
 70   Try Try Again.
 71   The Mirror's New!
 72   It's Starting All Over Again.

©2005 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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