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Fruits of Trees and Shrubs
   Ringtons Limited - 1964
   Badshah Tea Co. - 1965

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and feature colour artwork on card 
fronts and descriptive text on card backs.

No.   Title              Classification

  1   Horse Chestnut     Aesculus hippocastanum
  2   Sycamore           Acer pseudoplatanus
  3   Wayfaring Tree     Viburnum lantana
  4   Norway Spruce      Picea abies
  5   Gean               Prunus avium
  6   Hazel              Corylus avellana
  7   Oak                Quercus robur
  8   Spindle Tree       Euonymus europaeus
  9   Stone Pine         Pinus pinea
 10   Hawthorn           Crataegus oxyacantha
 11   Yew                Taxus baccata
 12   Elder              Sambucus nigra
 13   Crab-Apple         Malus pumila
 14   Alder Buckthorn    Frangula alnus
 15   Larch              Larix decidua
 16   Beech              Fagus sylvatica
 17   Sloe               Prunus spinosa
 18   White Beam         Sorbus aria
 19   Plane              Platanus acerifolia
 20   Scots Pine         Pinus sylvestris
 21   Laburnum           Laburnum vulgare
 22   Cherry Laurel      Prunus laurocerasus
 23   Walnut             Juglans regia
 24   Crack Willow       Salix fragilis
 25   Bramble            Rubus fruticosus

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