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Transport through the ages
Brooke Bond - 1966

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and are illustrated by Richard Ward
and described by Arthur G. Bourne.  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Mode                                Power Source

 1    Elephant                            Animal Muscle Power
 2    The Camel                           Animal Muscle Power
 3    Dog Sledge                          Animal Muscle Power
 4    Ox Wagon                            Animal Muscle Power
 5    Chariot                             Animal Muscle Power
 6    Stage Coach                         Animal Muscle Power
 7    Horse Tram                          Animal Muscle Power
 8    The Bicycle                         Man Muscle Power
 9    Kayak                               Man Muscle Power
10    Galley                              Man Muscle Power
11    Horse Barge                         Animal Muscle Power
12    East Indiaman                       Wind Power/Sail
13    Tea Clipper                         Wind Power/Sail
14    Hot Air Balloon                     Wind Power
15    Gas Balloon                         Wind Power
16    Steam Coach                         Steam Power
17    Steam Wagon                         Steam Power
18    Stephenson's Rocket                 Steam Power
19    Modern Steam Locomotive             Steam Power
20    Diesel Locomotive                   Internal Combustion/Diesel
21    Gas Turbine Locomotive              Internal Combustion/Gas Turbine
22    The Comet                           Steam Power
23    Mississipi River Steamer            Steam Power
24    The Great Eastern                   Sail-assisted Steam Power
25    Turbinia                            Steam Power/Turbine
26    Modern Ocean Liner                  Steam Power/Turbine
27    Oil Tanker                          Steam Power/Turbine
28    Electric Tram                       Electric Power
29    Electric Locomotive                 Electric Power
30    Monorail                            Electric Power
31    Early Motor Car                     Internal Combustion/Petrol
32    Bluebird                            Internal Combustion/Petrol
33    Motor Cycle                         Internal Combustion/Petrol
34    Sno-Cat                             Internal Combustion/Diesel
35    The Wright Brothers Aeroplane       Internal Combustion/Petrol
36    Airship                             Internal Combustion/Gas
37    Early Airliner                      Internal Combustion/Petrol
38    Flying Boat                         Internal Combustion/Petrol
39    Supermarine Schneider Trophy Plane  Internal Combustion/Petrol
40    Transport Aircraft                  Internal Combustion/Gas Turbine
41    Helicopter                          Internal Combustion/Gas Turbine
42    First Turbojet Airliner             Internal Combustion/Jet Propulsion
43    Modern Jet Airliner                 Internal Combustion/Jet Propulsion
44    Variable Wing Aircraft              Internal Combustion/Jet Propulsion
45    The Mesoscaphe                      Electric Power
46    Hydrofoil                           Internal Combustion/Diesel
47    Hovercraft                          Internal Combustion
48    Nuclear Ship                        Nuclear Power
49    Nuclear Submarine                   Nuclear Power
50    Space Rocket                        Rocket Power

--    (Card Album)

©2001 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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