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Fascinating Orient
Sanitarium Health Food Company - 1966

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-3/4" x 2-1/4". Card fronts feature full-
bleed colour photos, and card backs show descriptive text. Some guides 
give 1974 incorrectly as the year of issue. Thanks much to John Rand for 
the original list!


    A Japanese Family 
    Aberdeen - Sampan Harbour	
    Aberdeen Floating Restaurants
    Camera Industry - Japan
    Chinese Fisherman's Family	
    Chinese New Year Festival	
    Chinese Opera Actors	
    Chinese Sampan	
    Chinese Tea House	
    Farmers at Work	
    Farming with Animals	
    Garden Terraces - Hong Kong
    Hong Kong and Harbour	
    Hong Kong Refugee Homes	
    Hong Kong Resettlement
    Hong Kong Street Scene	
    Itsakushirna Shrine - Japan 
    Japanese Gardens 
    Japanese Kimono 
    Japanese Pearl Culture 
    Japanese Sea Port 
    Kyushu To Honshu Under-Sea Tunnel 
    Market Scene 
    Mt. Fujiyama - Height 12,385 Ft.
    Rice Plantation 
    Rickshaws for Hire 
    Ship Building Industry - Japan 
    Tea Plantation
    The Sport of Judo 
    Tiger Balm Gardens - Hong Kong

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