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Trees in Britain
Brooke Bond - 1966

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the checklist!

No.   Tree                                       Family

 1    Larch                                      Pinaceae
 2    Larch (cones)                              Pinaceae
 3    Scots Pine                                 Pinaceae
 4    Scots Pine (cones)                         Pinaceae
 5    Stone Pine                                 Pinaceae
 6    Stone Pine (cones)                         Pinaceae
 7    Juniper                                    Cupressaceae
 8    Juniper (berries)                          Cupressaceae
 9    Yew                                        Taxaceae
10    Yew (berries)                              Taxaceae
11    Common Lime                                Tilliaceae
12    Common Lime (leaf and seeds)               Tilliaceae
13    Sycamore                                   Aceraceae
14    Sycamore (leaf and seeds)                  Aceraceae
15    Horse Chestnut                             Hippocastanaceae
16    Horse Chestnut (leaf and seeds)            Hippocastanaceae
17    Holly                                      Aquifoliaceae
18    Holly (leaves and berries)                 Aquifoliaceae
19    Spindle Tree                               Celastraceae
20    Spindle Tree (leaf and seed)               Celastraceae
21    Gean, Wild Cherry                          Rosaceae
22    Gean, Wild Cherry (leaf and seed)          Rosaceae
23    Hawthorne, May                             Rosaceae
24    Hawthorne, May (leaf and seed)             Rosaceae
25    Rowan, Mountain Ash                        Rosaceae
26    Rowan, Mountain Ash (leaf and seed)        Rosaceae
27    Crab Apple                                 Rosaceae
28    Crab Apple (leaf and seed)                 Rosaceae
29    London Plane                               Plantanaceae
30    London Plane (leaf and seed)               Plantanaceae
31    English Elm                                Ulmaceae
32    English Elm (leaf and seed)                Ulmaceae
33    Silver Birch                               Betulaceae
34    Silver Birch (leaf and seed)               Betulaceae
35    Hornbeam                                   Corylaceae
36    Hornbeam (leaf and seed)                   Corylaceae
37    Hazel                                      Corylaceae
38    Hazel (leaf and seed)                      Corylaceae
39    Beech                                      Fagaceae
40    Beech (leaf and seed)                      Fagaceae
41    Sweet or Spanish Chestnut                  Fagaceae
42    Sweet or Spanish Chestnut (leaf and seed)  Fagaceae
43    Holm or Evergreen Oak                      Fagaceae
44    Holm or Evergreen Oak (leaf and seed)      Fagaceae
45    Common Oak                                 Fagaceae
46    Common Oak (leaf and seed)                 Fagaceae
47    Strawberry Tree                            Ericaceae
48    Strawberry Tree (leaf and seed)            Ericaceae
49    Ash                                        Oleaceae
50    Ash (leaf and seed)                        Oleaceae

--    (Card Album)

©2001, 2002 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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