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Underwater Adventure
   Anglo American Chewing Gum Ltd. - 1966

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Title

  1   Cretan Pearl Divers
  2   The Roman "Water Soldiers"
  3   "Tigers of the Deep"
  4   Diving Goggles
  5   The Diving Bell
  6   Freminets Diving Suit
  7   The "Turtle" - 1776
  8   Robert Fulton's Submarine
  9   Siebe's Original Open Helmet
 10   Wilhelm Baur's "Sea Diver"
 11   The Bathyscaphe
 12   J. P. Holland's Submarine
 13   Confederate Submarines
 14   The "Intelligent Whale"
 15   Simon Lakes' "Explorer"
 16   Standard Diving Suit
 17   The Argonaut Junior
 18   The Torpedo
 19   The Draeger Submarine Sledge
 20   Sea Mines
 21   "U" Boats
 22   Professor Auguste Piccard
 23   Davis Submarine Escape Apparatus
 24   The Aqualung
 25   Human Torpedoes
 26   Frogmen
 27   Midget Submarines
 28   The British Cave Diving Group
 29   The Fountain of Vaucluse
 30   Underwater Glider
 31   Dmitri Rebikoff's Movie Torpedo
 32   The Bathyscaphe "Trieste"
 33   U.S.N. Nautilus
 34   The Underwater Scooter
 35   Marine Gravimeter
 36   Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau
 37   H.M.S. Dreadnought
 38   La Calypso
 39   The Undersea House
 40   The "Aluminaut"

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