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Rugby League - Series A
Scanlens - 1968

Notes: Cards are "standard" trading card size, 3-1/2" x 2-1/2", and were issued 
for the Rugby League competition in 1968. Card fronts show stills and posed 
photographs. Card backs build a 4x11 colour poster of the Grand Final; an 
index to the positions of the poster puzzle is given below. Many thanks to 
Ron Dowd for the checklist!

No.   Player                  Position               Team

  1   George Taylforth        Second Row Forward     Canterbury Bankstown
  2   Billy Bradstreet        Lock Forward           Manly Warringah
  3   Leo Toohey              Five Eighth            Canterbury Bankstown
  4   Bob Batty               Fullback               Manly Warringah
  5   Bruce McKinney          Front Row Forward      Canterbury Bankstown
  6   Mick Veivers            Front Row Forward      Manly Warringah
  7   Don Walkaden            Front Row Forward      Western Suburbs
  8   Barry Beath             Lock Forward           St. George
  9   John Hayes              Front Row Forward      Western Suburbs
 10   Bobby Fulton            Five Eighth            Manly Warringah
 11   Jim Cody                Lock Forward           Western Suburbs
 12   Billy Smith             Halfback               St. George
 13   Kevin Goldspink         Second Row Forward     Canterbury Bankstown
 14   Reg Gasnier             Centre Three Quarter   St. George
 15   Dick Webb               Winger                 Canterbury Bankstown
 16   Graeme Langlands        Fullback               St. George
 17   Dick Thornette          Second Row Forward     Parramatta
 18   Keith Barnes            Fullback               Balmain
 19   Barry Bryant            Second Row Forward     Western Suburbs
 20   Paul Gibson             Five Eighth            Parramatta
 21   Monty Porter            Front Row Forward      Cronulla Sutherland
 22   Len Stacker             Winger                 Parramatta
 23   Jimmy Schroeder         Front Row Forward      North Sydney
 24   John Geraghty           Second Row Forward     Eastern Suburbs
 25   Eric Sladden            Winger                 North Sydney
 26   Mike Jones              Second Row Forward     Parramatta
 27   Lloyd Weier             Front Row Forward      North Sydney
 28   Terry Hughes            Centre                 Cronulla Sutherland
 29   Barry Riley             Lock Forward           Eastern Suburbs
 30   Ron Coote               Lock Forward           South Sydney
 31   Kevin Junee             Half Back              Eastern Suburbs
 32   Garry Leo               Front Row Forward      Balmain
 33   Ken Owens               Hooker                 Eastern Suburbs
 34   Graeme Sams             Lock Forward           Cronulla Sutherland
 35   John Gudgeon            Second Row Forward     North Sydney
 36   Ken Day                 Front Row Forward      Manly Warringah
 37   Gary Banks              Five Eighth            North Sydney
 38   Alan McRitchie          Front Row Forward      Cronulla Sutherland
 39   Col Greenwood           Lock Forward           North Sydney
 40   Jimmy Lislr             Five Eighth            South Sydney
 41   Ron Saddler             Centre Three Quarter   Eastern Suburbs
 42   Eric Simms              Centre Three Quarter   South Sydney
 43   Bobby McCarthy          Second Row Forward     South Sydney
 44   Ivan Jones              Half Back              South Sydney


    Row 1     11  10   9   8   7   6   5   4   3   2   1
    Row 2     22  21  20  19  18  17  16  15  14  13  12
    Row 3     33  32  31  30  29  28  27  26  25  24  23
    Row 4     44  43  42  41  40  39  38  37  36  35  34

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©2008 Ron Dowd, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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