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Rugby League - Series B
Scanlens - 1968

Notes: Cards are "standard" trading card size, 3-1/2" x 2-1/2", and were issued for 
the Rugby League competition in 1968. Fronts for cards 1-40 show stills and posed 
photographs, and card backs build a 5x8 colour poster of the team logos; an index 
to the positions of the poster puzzle is given below. Backs of the Emblem cards 
are blank. Many thanks to Ron Dowd for the checklist!

No.   Player                  Position               Team

  1   Trevor Levin            Lock Forward           Sharks
  2   Clive Gartner           Centre Three Quarter   Berries
  3   Kevin Ashley            Second Row Forward     Roosters
  4   Frank Stanton           Half Back              Sea Eagles
  5   Don Parish              Full Back              Magpies
  6   Graham Mayhew           Second Row Forward     Roosters
  7   Mick Maher              Full Back              Bears
  8   Terry Hughes            Half Back              Sharks
  9   Bob Camden              Half Back              Bears
 10   John Haynes             Hooker                 Sharks
 11   Johnny Raper            Lock Forward           Dragons
 12   Dave Barsley            Winger                 Magpies
 13   Bob Mara                Winger                 Panthers
 14   Mick Veivers            Front Row Forward      Sea Eagles
 15   Ken McMullen            Half Back              Roosters
 16   Billy Bradstreet        Lock Forward           Sea Eagles
 17   Col Greenwood           Lock Forward           Bears
 18   Bobby Fulton            Five Eighth            Sea Eagles
 19   George Ambrum           Centre Three Quarter   Bears
 20   Barry Beath             Front Row Forward      Dragons
 21   Maurie Raper            Lock Forward           Panthers
 22   Brian Moore             Centre                 Blue Bags
 23   Jimmy Lisle             Five Eighth            Rabbitos
 24   John Elford             Winger                 Magpies
 25   Brain James             Winger                 Rabbitos
 26   Ron Raper               Lock Forward           Berries
 27   Dick Huddart            Second Row Forward     Dragons
 28   Graeme Langlands        Full Back              Dragons
 29   Ron Lynch               Lock Forward           Eels
 30   Bobby Keyes             Centre                 Blue Bags
 31   George Piggins          Hooker                 Rabbitos
 32   Roy Ferguson            Centre                 Magpies
 33   Kevin Longbottom        Full Back              Rabbitos
 34   John Armstrong          Second Row Forward     Magpies
 35   Eric Simms              Centre Three Quarter   Rabbitos
 36   Bruce Pollard           Centre Three Quarter   Dragons
 37   Brian Wedgewood         Second Row Forward     Berries
 38   Col Brown               Hooker                 Berries
 39   Max Brown               Winger                 Berries
 40   Johnny Greaves          Centre Three Quarter   Berries

Team Emblem Cards

 --    Canterbury-Bankstown   The Berries        "Berries To Win"
 --    Parramatta             The Eels           "Grand Final Certs"
 --    Newtown                The Blues          "Up The Blues"
 --    North Sydney           The Bears          "The Unbeatable Bears"
 --    South Sydney           The Rabbitos       "Up The Rabbitos"
 --    Western Suburbs        The Magpies        "The Mighty Magpies"
 --    Penrith                The Panthers       "Panthers To Win"
 --    Cronulla-Sutherland    The Sharks         "Sharks Will Eat 'Em"
 --    Balmain                The Tigers         "The Terrific Tigers"
 --    Eastern Suburbs        The Roosters       "Roosters To Rule"
 --    St.George              The Dragons        "Saints Are The Greatest"
 --    Manly Warringah        The Sea Eagles     "Sea Eagles To Win"


    Row 1      8   7   6   5   4   3   2   1
    Row 2     16  15  14  13  12  11  10   9
    Row 3     24  23  22  21  20  19  18  17
    Row 4     32  31  30  29  28  27  26  25
    Row 5     40  39  38  37  36  35  34  33

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©2008 Ron Dowd, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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