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Spitfire (postcards)
After the Battle Magazine - 1969

Notes: These postcards are from a series of postcard albums about the second World 
War. All descriptions start with "Vickers Armstrong Supermarine Spitfire." Many 
thanks to Pieter van der Zwaart for the checklist!

No.   Title

P97   IA, AR 213
P98   IIA, P7350
P99   Vb, AD233
P100  Vb Clipped, BL 479
P101  T VIII, G-AIDN ex-MT818
P102  F IX, MH434
P103  F IX
P104  PR XI, PL983 ex-N74138
P105  F XVI, TE330
P106  LF XVIe, RW386
P107  PR 19, PM631
P108  F21, LA198
P109  F22, PK624
P110  F24, PK724
P111  F IX
P112  F IX

 --   (postcard album)

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