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Racing Colours
   Universal Card Auctions - 1960s?
   Michael Prior - 1987

Notes: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and feature colour artwork on 
card fronts and descriptive text on card backs. Thanks much to John Rand for the 
original list!

No.   Title

  1   Lady Zia Wernher OBE
  2   Sir Victor Sassoon
  3   Major L.B. Holliday
  4   Mr. G.C. Judd
  5   Sir Humphrey de Trafford
  6   Her Majesty the Queen
  7   Mr. F.J. Honour
  8   Lord Astor
  9   Mr. T.H. Degg
 10   Mr. J.H. Griffin
 11   Brigadier W.P. Wyatt
 12   Mrs. Geoffrey Kolm
 13   Mrs. W.H.E. Welman
 14   Mr. David Robinson
 15   Madame S. Voltera
 16   Mr. J.S. Gerber & Col. J. Scott OBE, DSO
 17   Mr. K. Hall
 18   Mr. J. Beary
 19   Mr. Phil Bull
 20   Mr. David Brown
 21   Mr. P. Hatvany
 22   Mr. S.W.H. Ingham
 23   Mrs. E. Truelove
 24   Mr. T.J.S. Gray
 25   Lord Fingall

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