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Merchant Ships of the World
  Barratt & Co. Ltd. - 1962
  Hitchman's Tea - 1970

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8". The Barratt version was
published in two varieties, one with black backs and one with blue backs.

No.   Ship

  1   S.S. Canberra
  2   S.S. Oriana
  3   S.S. United States
  4   S.S. Queen Mary
  5   S.S. Queen Elizabeth
  6   S.S. Mauretania
  7   S.S. Caronia
  8   S.S. Ivernia
  9   Savannah (Atomic Liner)
 10   S.S. Empress of England
 11   S.S. Pendennis Castle
 12   S.S. Arcadia
 13   S.S. Southern Cross
 14   S.S. Patricia
 15   S.S. Olympia
 16   S.S. Ocean Monarch
 17   S.S. Statendam
 18   S.S. Rotterdam
 19   M.V. Kungsholm
 20   S.S. Andes
 21   S.S. Windsor Castle
 22   M.V. Bergensfjord
 23   S.S. Orsova
 24   S.S. Leonardo da Vinci
 25   S.S. France

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