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Wise Cracks
Barratt & Co. Ltd. - 1970

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", and feature a series of
jokes, limericks, magic tricks, and puzzles.

No.   Card Text / Title

  1   Judge: Smith, do you plead guilty?  Smith: I couldn'
  2   I heard that your fall injured you badly...  It wasn
  3   Doctor: You're coughing more easily this morning...
  4   Hear about the cannibal who had indigestion?  He kep
  5   Gangster: Your money or your life!  Victim: Take my
  6   I'm afraid I shall have to lock you up for the night
  7   An optimistic farmer gave hot water to his hens, hop
  8   Waiter - This coffee tastes like mud!  Well, Sir, it
  9   Psychiatrist: You are suffering from loss of memory.
 10   My hair keeps falling out, Doctor. Can you suggest a
 11   Doctor: Was that slimming diet I gave your wife sati
 12   There once was a young man from Crewe, Who dreamt he
 13   A Crazy old gardener from Leeds  Once swallowed twel
 14   Why was the farmer cross?  Because someone trod on h
 15   Why should you never tell a secret to a peacock?  Be
 16   When is a cricketer worried?  When he's stumped!
 17   How do you make a Maltese cross with one match?  Lig
 18   What does a kettle suffer with?  Boils!!
 19   Can a pepper cellar walk?  Yes - a grocer sells pepp
 20   Why did the burglar cut the legs off his bed?  So he
 21   What did the big flower say to the little flower?  "
 22   What language would you expect to hear from a Bedoui
 23   Why is a red-headed dunce like a biscuit?  Because h
 24   Why should you always feel sorry for a Pelican?  Bec
 25   Which is the best side of a teacup on which to put t
 26   Why are tall people the laziest?  Because they are t
 27   Biology Teacher: Deep breathing kills germs!  Pupil:
 28   Vicar, the church is on fire!  Holy smoke!
 29   Why would you take a tape measure to bed?  To see ho
 30   There was a fat man from Lamore  The same shape behi
 31   How to turn a Tumbler of Water upside down, without
 32   The Disappearing Stamp
 33   Impossible!
 34   Self-Balancing Coins
 35   The Magnetic Coin
 36   Wood Passes through Metal.
 37   The Magic Comb
 38   Tell a Card by Magic
 39   A Draught-Board Problem.
 40   Balancing a Coin in the Hand.
 41   Three boys' names: But you need to put in ten straig
 42   Each shape contains the letters which make up one wo
 43   This face is made up of the letters of a boy's name.
 44   Can you make one straight cut through the letter Z i
 45   Can you change the word 'Hate' to 'Rose' in four mov
 46   Read this if you can:
 47   Can you deivide this square with three straight line
 48   These houses are made up of the letters of boys' nam
 49   These are the four corners of a word square containi
 50   Arrange six counters in a triangle, as shown below -

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