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Trucards - 1972

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-5/8" x 2-3/4", and feature images from
natural colour photographs in George Austin's Colour Library Interna-
tional Ltd.

No.   Title                          Classification

  1   Carnation                      Dianthus Caryophyllus
  2   Geranium Subcaulescens         Geraniaceae
  3   Water Lily                     Nymphaea
  4   Convolvulus                    Convolvulus
  5   Snowdrop                       Galanthus
  6   Azalea                         Rhododendron
  7   Bluebell                       Endymion
  8   Rhododendron                   Rhododendron
  9   Tulip                          Tulipa
 10   Peony                          Paeonia
 11   Crocus                         Crocus
 12   Gladioulus                     Gladioulus
 13   Sweet Pea                      Lathyrus odoratus
 14   Daffodil                       Narcissus
 15   Freesia                        Freesia
 16   Lily of the Valley, Hyacinth   Convallaria majalis, Hyacinthus
 17   Lilac                          Syringa
 18   Gerbera                        Gerbera
 19   Marsh Mallow                   hibiscus
 20   Rose                           Rosa
 21   Prunus
 22   Oleander                       Nerium Oleander
 23   Chrysanthemum                  Chrysanthemum
 24   Dahlia                         Dahlia
 25   Lily                           Lilium
 26   Evening Primrose               Oenothera
 27   Delphinium                     Delphinium
 28   Flowering Gum-Tree
 29   Bougainvillea                  Bougainvillea
 30   Polyanthus                     Primula

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