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Fun Cards
Fry's (Confectionary) - 1972

Notes:  Cards are approximately 4-1/2" x 5-1/2" and feature illustrations 
and descriptions of fanciful but (one hopes) nonexistent animals. Card backs 
feature various games or wordplay.

     Title               "Species"

     The Camestrich      Lumpus Humpus
     The Donkeedile      Oddi Stubernus
     The Girafferoo      Peculier Andtallus
     The Hedgepuss       Spieus Moggi
     The Hippoyak        Potamus Tibetum
     The Horsebat        Pegasus Upsidedownus
     The Octamouse       Squeadi Andarmus
     The Poodleocerous   Hernus Enormus
     The Porkachic       Rarus Miraculesus
     The Seamoose        Fishi Steri
     The Squirralamb     Tricki Numba
     The Storkephant     Hefti Lumpus

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