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Prehistoric Animals
Brooke Bond - 1972

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8", with text by Dr. Alan Charig and
illustrations by Maurice Wilson.  Thanks to Kyle DeRoy for the original checklist!

No.   Title                        Derivation of Name

  1   Eusthenopteron               Greek, 'strong fin'
  2   Ichthyostega                 Greek, 'fish roof'
  3   Eryops                       Greek, 'long face'
  4   Gerrothorax                  Greek, 'wickerwork breastplate'
  5   Diplocaulus                  Greek, 'double stalk'
  6   Seymouria                    from Seymour, Texas
  7   Stenaulorhynchus             Greek, 'narrow-grooved snout'
  8   Mosasaurus                   from River Maas and Greek 'lizard'
  9   Mandasuchus                  from Manda in Tanzania and Greek 'crocodile'
 10   Plateosaurus                 Greek, 'flat lizard'
 11   Cetiosaurus                  Greek, 'whale lizard'
 12   Brachiosaurus                Greek, 'arm lizard'
 13   Coelophysis                  Greek, 'hollow form'
 14   Ornithomimus                 Greek, 'bird imitator'
 15   Deinonychus                  Greek, 'terrible claw'
 16   Megalosaurus                 Greek, 'big lizard'
 17   Tyrannosaurus                Greek, 'tyrant lizard'
 18   Scelidosaurus                Greek, 'limb lizard'
 19   Stegosaurus                  Greek, 'roof lizard'
 20   Polacanthus                  Greek, 'many-spined'
 21   Hypsilophodon                Greek, 'high ridge tooth'
 22   Iguanodon                    from Iguana and Greek 'tooth'
 23   Corythosaurus                Greek, 'helmet lizard'
 24   Psittacosaurus               Greek, 'parrot lizard'
 25   Protoceratops                Greek, 'first horned face'
 26   Triceratops                  Greek, 'three horned face'
 27   Rhamphorhynchus              Greek, 'beak snout'
 28   Pteranodon                   Greek, 'wing without teeth'
 29   Archaeopteryx                Greek, 'ancient wing'
 30   Ichthyornis and Hesperornis  Greek, 'fish bird' and 'western bird'
 31   Phororhacos                  Greek, 'bearing wrinkles'
 32   Aepyornis                    Greek, 'high bird'
 33   Ichthyosaurus                Greek, 'fish lizard'
 34   Cryptoclidus                 Greek, 'hidden collar-bone'
 35   Tanystropheus                Greek, 'long neck-vertebra'
 36   Dimetrodon                   Greek, 'double-size tooth'
 37   Lystrosaurus                 Greek, 'shovel lizard'
 38   Cynognathus                  Greek, 'dog jaw'
 39   Megazostrodon                Greek, 'big girdle tooth'
 40   Diprotodon                   Greek, 'two front teeth
 41   Sivatherium                  from Siwalik Hills in India and Greek 'beast'
 42   Hyracotherium                from 'hyrax' and Greek 'beast'
 43   Baluchitherium               from Baluchistan and Greek 'beast'
 44   Coelodonta                   Greek, 'hollow teeth'
 45   Deinotherium                 Greek, 'terrible beast'
 46   Mammuthus                    Latinization of 'mammoth'
 47   Glyptodon                    Greek, 'carved tooth'
 48   Megatherium                  Greek, 'big beast'
 49   Smilodon                     Greek, 'scalpel tooth'
 50   Australopithecus             Latin, 'southern', and Greek, 'ape'

--    (Card Album)

©2001 Kyle DeRoy, Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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