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Maritime Inn Signs
Whitbread & Company - 1974

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2" x 3" with rounded corners.  Card fronts feature 
full- colour artwork and card backs feature descriptive text. This is the usual name 
given to the series from its subtitle "A series of 25 Maritime inn signs." The logo 
on cards reads "The History of Whitbread Inn Signs - Maritime Series."

No.   Inn                      Location

  1   The Lord Louis           Southampton
  2   Flying Dutchman          Queenborough
  3   Mermaid                  Christian Malford
  4   The Ship                 Llantwit Fardre
  5   Jolly Sailors            Lowestoft
  6   Lifeboat Inn             Teignmouth
  7   Sailors Return           East Chaldon
  8   Gypsy Moth               Selby
  9   Admiral Rodney           Southwell
 10   Shiny Sheff              Sheffield
 11   Admiral hawke            Hessle
 12   Odessa                   Tewkesbury
 13   Hearts of Oak            Drybrook
 14   The Long Reach           Whitstable
 15   Never Turn Back          Caister-on-Sea
 16   Sir Francis Chichester   Plymouth
 17   Lighthouse Inn           Burnham-on-Sea
 18   Nelson                   Cirencester
 19   The Mayflower            Lymington
 20   Jolly Caulkers           Chatham
 21   Anchor                   Watcher
 22   Smugglers Inn            Chapel St. Leonards
 23   The Britannia            Marlow
 24   Ship on Shore            Sheerness
 25   Hobbs Boat               Lympsham

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