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(Barratt) World Cup Stars
Geo. Bassett & Co. Ltd. - 1974

Note:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".

No.   Player               Team(s)

  1   David Hay            Celtic and Scotland
  2   Willie Donachie      Manchester City and Scotland
  3   David Harvey         Leeds and Scotland
  4   Sandy Jardine        Rangers and Scotland
  5   Lubanski             Poland
  6   Derek Parlane        Rangers and Scotland
  7   Lou Macari           Manchester United and Scotland
  8   Peter Lorimer        Leeds and Scotland
  9   Tom Hutchison        Coventry and Scotland
 10   Gianni Rivera        AC Milan
 11   Emerson Leo          Brazil
 12   Giacinto Facchetti
 13   Johnny Repp
 14   L. Maznik            Uruguay
 15   J. Brownlie          Hibs. and Scotland
 16   Christo Bonev        Bulgaria
 17   Pietro Anastasi      Juventus
 18   Juan Herredia        Argentine
 19   Gerd Muller
 20   Derek Johnstone      Rangers and Scotland
 21   Sandro Mazzola
 22   George Graham        Manchester United and Scotland
 23   Ken Dalglish         Celtic and Scotland
 24   Rivelino
 25   Alex Forsythe        Manchester United and Scotland
 26   Denev                Bulgaria
 27   Archie Gemmill       Derby and Scotland
 28   Wilhelm Keiser       Holland
 29   Danny McGrain        Celtic and Scotland
 30   Dino Zoff            Juventus
 31   Luigi Riva           Cagliara
 32   Martin Buchan        Manchester United and Scotland
 33   John Connolly        Everton and Scotland
 34   Rudi Krol            Holland
 35   Clodaldo             Brazil
 36   Gunter Netzer
 37   Colin Stein          Coventry and Scotland
 38   Kazimierz Deyna
 39   Alistair Hunter      Celtic and Scotland
 40   George Connolly      Celtic
 41   Denis Law            Manchester City and Scotland
 42   Franz Beckenbauer
 43   Paolo Cesar          Brazil
 44   Wim Suurbier         Holland
 45   Vogel                East Germany
 46   Johann Croyff        Holland and Barcelona
 47   Jim Holton           Manchester United and Scotland
 48   Willie Morgan        Manchester United and Scotland
 49   Billy Bremner        Leeds and Scotland
 50   Jainjinho            Brazil

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