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Timeless Japan
Weet-Bix (Sanitarium) - 1975

Note:  Cards are approximately 2-1/4" x 3".

No.   Title (front)                                   Title (back)

  1   Mount Fuji and Bullet Train                     Temple Carving - Nara
  2   Kamakura - Snow Huts for Children               Sorting Pearls - Mikimoto
  3   Rice Transplantations                           Horyuji Temple
  4   Heian Shrine, Kyoto                             Japanese House Interior
  5   Historical Pageant, Kyoto                       Ritsurin Park - Takamatsu
  6   Japanese Garden                                 Separating Rice Kernels from Husks
  7   Maiko                                           Fishing Boat - Lake kasumiguaro
  8   Matsumoto Castle                                Ryoanji Garden - Kyoto
  9   Tea Ceremony                                    Sakurajima Volcano
 10   Aoi Festival, Kyoto                             Expo 70
 11   Kyoto International Conference Hall             The Diet
 12   Kendo                                           Mechanised Rice Harvesting
 13   Ho-o-do (Phoenix Hall), Byodoin Temple, Kyoto   Forestry
 14   Family Dining at Home                           Precision Industries
 15   Garden of the Samboin Temple, Kyoto             Overseas Trade
 16   Ginza at Night                                  Tokyo Monorail
 17   Automated Hot Rolling Steel Mill                Nuclear Energy
 18   Japan's First Skyscraper                        Shipping
 19   Emperor Opening Session of Diet                 Textiles
 20   Tomei Expressway                                Aircraft Industry

 --   (colour project poster)

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