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Famous Sports Trophies
   Tonibell - 1976

Notes: Cards are die-cuts in two sizes, approximately 2-13/16" x 4-7/16" 
and 2-1/2" x 3-3/4".

      Title                              Sport           Card Shape

      C.N. Jackson Cup                   Athletics       Long
      The Ashes                          Cricket         Long
      "News of the World" Cup            Darts           Long
      European Cup                       Football        Long
      F.A. Cup                           Football        Long
      Tourist Trophy                     Motor Cycling   Long
      Hawthorn Memorial Trophy           Motor Racing    Long
      Rugby League Cup                   Rugby League    Long
      Gasper Geist Cup                   Table Tennis    Long
      America's Cup                      Yachting        Long
      King's Cup                         Flying          Short
      Football League Cup                Football        Short
      Amateur Golf Trophy                Golf            Short
      "Daily Telegraph - B.P." Trophy    Power Boating   Short
      Calcutta Cup                       Rugby Union     Short
      Prince of Wales Cup                Show Jumping    Short
      Grand Slalom Challenge Cup         Skiing          Short
      Davis Cup                          Tennis          Short
      Queen's Cup                        Tennis          Short

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