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(Pyrex) Guide to Simple Cooking
   Pyrex - 1976

Notes: Cards are approximately 4" x 5".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and photos of Pyrex products; card backs show recipes and 
descriptive text. Originally sold as a set in a packet.


      The 'Pyrex' Guide to Simple Cooking [Title Card]
      Roast Stuffed Chicken with Roast Potatoes
      Handy Casserole
      Mad Haddock Kedgeree
      Eggs Shangri-La
      Golden Shepherds Pie
      Spud Bake
      Pineapple Crush
      Bushwacker Lamb Casserole
      Egg Mayonnaise
      Rhubarb and Orange Plate Pie
      Somerset Pork Chops
      Chocolate Angel Pudding
      Fairy Cakes
      Chicken Kismet
      Pyrex' Drink-Ups

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