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Secret Island, Second Series
   Geo. Bassett & Co. Ltd. - 1976

Notes:  Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8".  Card fronts feature full-
colour artwork "freely adapted from prize winning sketches," apparently 
by children.

No.   Title                       Artist

  1   Creepy Crawl                T. Clarke
  2   Dumplewort                  Richard Spencer
  3   Birdsfish                   Andrew Simmons
  4   The Hornerus                Richard Irons
  5   Goofy Toofy Mountain Ear    Christine Holden
  6   Snap Dragon                 Georgina Marie Thornhill
  7   Crocobatapus                Robert Rodbourne
  8   Cobbwebble                  Shaun Wooping
  9   Silly Saurus                Philip Garbutt
 10   Haggis MacBigfoot           Richard Barton
 11   Antenosarus                 Jeremy Grant Livesey
 12   Blind Mans Gruff            Gary Benn
 13   Spottodactyl                Stephanie Corbishley
 14   Bylirylisigsi               Robin Copp
 15   Spiny Albert                David Leadbetter
 16   Barratt Saurus              Rogét J. Newman
 17   Prickly-Eye-Sarus           Peter Neale
 18   Trafficwardorous            David Price
 19   Gawkysorous                 Brett Fulford
 20   Snoddle Bonce               Ian M. Stevens
 21   Fiery Fire Fighter          Gary Miles
 22   Leggy                       Stephen Crawford
 23   Hortence                    Louise Shears
 24   Fire Oct-tril               Tracey Young
 25   Rainbow-Musselruff          Gary Cadle
 26   Potato Pillar               Andrew Lacey
 27   Mrs. Kendaka                Ian Braithwaite
 28   Noodle                      Pauline James
 29   Flying Cyclizard            Martin Bay
 30   Dragosaur                   John Buckwell
 31   Stub Toed Smokit            Alistair Croucher
 32   Oddbodd                     Helen Kirk
 33   Mongon Monster              Jennie Stephens
 34   Wall Sackboop               Fiona Sheldon
 35   Esther                      Jeanette Mahoney
 36   Worm Eating Egg             Amanda Preedy
 37   Die O Cloniuse              Kevin Dobinson
 38   Mr. Money Maker             Claudia Seton
 39   Hirdogorous                 Laura Jane Bird
 40   Sadosaur                    Warren H. Tyler

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