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Golden Age of Flying
Doncella / John Player and Sons - 1977

Note:  Cards are oversized, approximately 2" x 3-1/2".

No.   Equipment                      Serial

 1    Bristol Boxkite                BAPC-2
 2    Blackburn Monoplane            BAPC-5
 3    Sopwith Pup                    N5180 (G-EBKY)
 4    Avro 504K                      E3404
 5    Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5A   F904 (G-EBIA)
 6    Bristol F.2b Fighter           D8096
 7    Vickers Vimy                   H651 (G-AWAU)
 8    Hawker Tomtit                  K1786 (G-AFTA)
 9    Avro Tutor                     K3215 (G-AHSA)
10    De Havilland Comet             G-ACSS
11    Robinson Redwing               G-ABNX
12    Mignet Pou du Ciel             G-AEBB
13    De Havilland Tiger Moth        G-AYIT
14    De Havilland Puss Moth         G-ABLS
15    Gloster Gladiator              L8032 (G-AMRK)
16    Fairey Swordfish               LS 326
17    Miles Magister                 P6382 (G-AJDR)
18    Miles Messenger                RG333 (G-AIEK)
19    Westland Lysander              R9125
20    Hawker Hurricane Mk. IIC       LF363
21    Supermarine Spitfire Mk. Va    AR501
22    Avro Lancaster B1              PA474
23    De Havilland Mosquito T3       RR299
24    Fairey Firefly Mk. V           WB271

--    (Folder / Wall Chart)

--    (Completion Offer, ©1978)

©2001 Jeff Allender. Comments, updates, & corrections are welcomed!

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