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Did You Know?
   Mister Softee - 1976
   Lyons Maid Mobile - 1983

Notes: Cards are die-cut and approximately 3" x 3".  Card fronts feature full-colour 

      Card Text

      BELISHA BEACONS were called after a Member of
      BICYCLES began as types of hobby-horse. They h
      CAMERAS began in Victorian times as heavy, clu
      CLOCKS and other ways of telling the time have
      LIGHTING is something we take for granted. But
      MONEY took the form of metal bars among primit
      PENS have been used since the days of the anci
      PILLAR BOXES were started in the reign of Quee
      SPECTACLES or "glasses" were first used in the
      TELEPHONES were invented in 1857 by a Scotsman
      UMBRELLAS were invented by the Chinese over 1,
      ZIP FASTENERS are now found on many clothes. T

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