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Sporting All Stars
   Golden Wonder Limited - 1979

Note: Cards are approximately 1-3/8" x 2-5/8" with rounded corners. The title 
shown on cards is just "All Stars."

No.   Star               Renown

  1   Niki Lauda         Motor racing champion
  2   Barry Sheene       Motor Cycling Champion
  3   Gareth Edwards     Welsh Rugby Union player
  4   John Curry         British figure skater
  5   Sharron Davies     British Swimmer
  6   Donna Hartley      British runner
  7   Brendan Foster     British runner
  8   Jill Hammersley    British table tennis player
  9   ian Botham         England and Somerset cricketer
 10   Alan Minter        British boxer
 11   Phil Bennett       Welsh Rugby Union player
 12   Sonia Lannaman     British champion sprinter
 13   Peter Oosterhuis   British Golfer
 14   Mike Brearley      England Cricketer
 15   Mark Cox           British tennis player
 16   Geoff Hunt         International squash player
 17   John Conteh        British boxer
 18   Nick Faldo         British golfer
 19   Jonah Barrington   British squash player
 20   Harvey Smith       British show jumper
 21   James Hunt         Motor racing champion
 22   David Gower        England Cricketer
 23   Debbie Johnsey     British show jumper
 24   Kevin Keegan       England footballer

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