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British Birds Collection
Grandee (John Player) - 1980

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2" x 3-1/2", and feature illustrations by
Philip Woodhouse and text by Andrew J. Woodhall.

No.   Title                       Classification

 1    Black-Throated Diver        Gavia arctica
 2    Great Crested Grebe         Podiceps cristatus
 3    Manx Shearwater             Puffinus puffinus
 4    Cormorant                   Phalacrocorax carbo
 5    Grey Heron                  Ardea cinerea
 6    Mute Swan                   Cygnus olor
 7    Mallard                     Anas platyrhynchos
 8    Teal                        Anas crecca
 9    Golden Eagle                Aquila chrysaetos
10    Osprey                      Pandion haliaetus
11    Kestrel                     Falco tinnunculus
12    Red Grouse                  Lagopus lagopus scoticus
13    Pheasant                    Phasianus colchicus
14    Moorhen                     Gallinula chloropus
15    Oystercatcher               Haematopus ostralegus
16    Lapwing                     Vanellus vanellus
17    Black-Headed Gull           Larus ridibundus
18    Common Tern                 Sterna hirundo
19    Puffin                      Fratercula arctica
20    Woodpigeon                  Columba palumbus
21    Cuckoo                      Cuculus canorus
22    Barn Owl                    Tyto alba
23    Swift                       Apus apus
24    Kingfisher                  Alcedo atthis
25    Green Woodpecker            Picus viridis
26    Skylark                     Alauda arvensis
27    Grey Wagtail                Motacilla cinerea
28    Magpie                      Pica pica
29    Robin                       Erithacus rubecula
30    Mistle Thrush               Turdus viscivorus
31    Great Tit                   Parus major
32    Bullfinch                   Pyrrhula pyrrhula

--    (Card Album / Wall Chart)

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