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Sea Fish (Angling Times Series No 4)
   Angling Times - 1980

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-3/16" x 3-3/8".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
artwork and card backs feature descriptive text.

No.   Title                    Species

  1   Bass                     Dicentrachus labrax
  2   Black Bream              Spondyliosoma cantharus
  3   Cod                      Gadus morhua
  4   Conger Eel               Conger conger
  5   Flounder                 Blatichthys flesus
  6   Crucian Carp             Carassius carassius
  7   Ling                     Molva molva
  8   Mackerel                 Scomber scombrus
  9   Mullet (Thick lipped)    Chelon labrosus
 10   Plaice                   Pleuronectes platessa
 11   Pollack                  Pollachius pollachius
 12   Thornback Ray            Raja clavata
 13   Tope                     Galeorhinus galeus
 14   Whiting                  Merlangius merlangus
 15   Wrasse (Ballan)          Labrus bergylta

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