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The Doncella History of the V.C.
Doncella Cigars - 1980

Note:  Cards are approximately 2" x 3-1/2".

No.   Title                             Recipient

  1   The First VC                      Charles Davis Lucas
  2   Rescue at Sebastopol              Lance-Sergeant Philip Smith
  3   Storming the Kashmere Gate        Assistant Surgeon Herbert Taylor Reade
  4   The Famous Fighting Goughs        Lieutenant Hugh Henry Gough
  5   Disaster in Zululand              Lieutenants Teignmouth Melvill and Nevill Coghill
  6   The Doctor at Rorke's Drift       Surgeon Major James Henry Reynolds
  7   Massacre at Majuba                Lance Corporal Joseph John Farmer
  8   Rescue at Hart's Hill             Lieutenant Edgar Thomas Inkson
  9   Double VC                         Surgeon-Captain Arthur Martin-Leake
 10   Saving the Guns at Le Cateau      Captain Douglas Reynolds, Driver Job Henry Charles Drain, and Driver Frederick Luke
 11   Death of a Zeppelin               Flight Sub-Lieutenant Reginald Alexander John Warneford
 12   Single-Handed Attack              Lance-Corporal Michael O'Leary
 13   Bravery at Jutland                Boy (First Class) John Travers Cornwell
 14   Fighter Ace                       Captain Albert Ball, Sherwood Foresters and Royal Flying Corps
 15   'Q' Ship versus U-Boat            Captain Gordon Campbell RN
 16   Rescue from the Air               Lieutenant Frank Hubert McNamara
 17   Assault on the Hindenberg Line    Lieutenant John Cridian Barrett
 18   'Glowworm' Rams German Cruiser    Lieutenant Commander Gerard Broadmead Roope
 19   The Gallant Sortie                Lieutenant Commander Eugene Esmonde
 20   The 'Snipe' Action - El Alamein   Lieutenant-Colonel Victor Buller Turner
 21   The Dam Busters                   Wing Commander Guy Penrose Gibson
 22   Desert Hero                       Captain Lord Lyell
 23   Stand at Arnhem                   Lance-Sergeant John Daniel Baskeyfield
 24   Gurkha Hero                       Lance Corporal Rambahadur Limbu

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