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British Mammals
  Grandee - 1982
  Grandee - 1983

Notes:  Cards are oversized, approximately 2" x 3", and feature art by Archibald
Thorburn F.Z.S.  Two almost-identical versions were produced, the 1982 version
showing "Imperial Tobacco Limited" in the credits at the bottom of the cards, and
the 1983 version showing "Imperial Group plc."

No.   Title                 Classification

 1    Dormouse              Muscardinus avellanarius
 2    Long-Eared Bat        Plecotus auritus
 3    Hedgehog              Erinaceus europaeus
 4    Mole                  Talpa europaea
 5    Water Shrew           Neomys fodiens
 6    Wild Cat              Felis silverstris
 7    Fox                   Vulpes vulpes
 8    Grey Seal             Halichoerus grypus
 9    Common Seal           Phoca vitulina
10    Otter                 Lutra lutra
11    Badger                Meles meles
12    Pine Marten           Martes martes
13    Polecat               Mustela putorius
14    Stoat                 Mustela erminea
15    Stoat in Winter       Mustela erminea
16    Weasel                Mustela nivalis
17    Red Squirrel          Sciurus vulgaris
18    Red Deer              Cervus elaphus
19    Roe Deer              Capreolus capreolus
20    Woodmouse             Apodemus sytlvaticus
21    House Mouse           Mus musculus
22    Yellow-Necked Mouse   Apodemus flavicollis
23    Brown Rat             Rattus norvegicus
24    Brown Hare            Lepus capensis
25    Mountain Hare         Lepus timidus
26    Rabbit                Oryctolagus cuniculus
27    White Cattle          Bos taurus
28    Killer Whale          Orcinus orca
29    Common Porpoise       Phocoena phocoena
30    Walrus                Odobenus rosmarus

--    (Card Album)

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