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British Butterflies
Grandee (Cigars) - 1983

Notes:  Cards are approximately 3-1/2" x 2", with photography and
descriptions by Margaret Brooks and Charles Knight.

No.   Title                         Classification

  1   Speckled Wood                 Pararge aegeria (Satyridae)
  2   Wall                          Lasiommata megera (Satyridae)
  3   Marbled White                 Melanargia galathea (Satyridae)
  4   Gatekeeper or Hedge Brown     Pyronia tithonus (Satyridae)
  5   Pearl-Bordered Fritillary     Boloria euphrosyne (Nymphalidae)
  6   High Brown Fritillary         Argynnis cydippe (Nymphalidae)
  7   Marsh Fritillary              Euphydryas aurinia (Nymphalidae)
  8   Red Admiral                   Vanessa atalanta (Nymphalidae)
  9   Painted Lady                  Vanessa cardui (Nymphalidae)
 10   Small Tortoiseshell           Aglais urticae (Nymphalidae)
 11   peacock                       Inachis io (Nymphalidae)
 12   Comma                         Polygonia c-album (Nymphalidae)
 13   Purple Emperor                Apatura iris (Nymphalidae)
 14   White Admiral                 Ladoga camilla (Nymphalidae)
 15   Camberwell Beauty             Nymphalis antiopa (Nymphalidae)
 16   Duke of Burgundy Fritillary   Hamearis lucina (Nemeoblidae)
 17   Common Blue                   Polyommatus icraus (Lycaenidae)
 18   Chalkhill Blue                Lysandra coridon (Lycaenidae)
 19   Adonis Blue                   Lysandra bellargus (Lycaenidae)
 20   Brown Argus                   Aricia agestis (Lycaenidae)
 21   Small Copper                  Lycaena phlaeas (Lycaenidae)
 22   Large Copper                  Lycaena dispar batavus (Lycaenidae)
 23   Brown Hairstreak              Thecla betulae (Lycaenidae)
 24   Purple Hairstreak             Quercusia quercus (Lycaenidae)
 25   Black Hairstreak              Strymonidia pruni (Lycaenidae)
 26   Large White                   Pieris brassicae (Pieridae)
 27   Green-Veined White            Pieris napi (Pieridae)
 28   Orange Tip                    Anthocharis cardamines (Pieridae)
 29   Brimstone                     Gonepteryx rhamni (Pieridae)
 30   Swallowtail                   Papilio machaon (Papillonidae)
 31   Grizzled Skipper              Pyrgus malvae (Hesperidae)
 32   Chequered Skipper             Carterocephalus palaemon (Hesperidae)

 --   (Card Album)

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