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Britain's Endangered Wildlife
Grandee / John Player & Sons - 1984

Note:  Cards are approximately 3-1/2" x 1-15/16".

No.   Title                              Classification

  1   Greater Horseshoe Bat              Rhinolophus ferrumequinum
  2   Red Squirrel                       Sciurus vulgaris
  3   Dormouse                           Muscardinus avellanarius
  4   Harvest Mouse                      Micromys minutus
  5   Polecat                            Mustela putorius
  6   Pine Marten                        Martes martes
  7   Otter                              Lutra lutra
  8   Sand Lizard                        Lacerta agilis
  9   Smooth Snake                       Coronella austriaca
 10   Natterjack Toad                    Bufo calamita
 11   Great Crested Newt                 Triturus cristatus
 12   Black-Necked Grebe                 Podiceps nigricollis
 13   Bittern                            Botaurus stellaris
 14   Garganey                           Anas querquedula
 15   Osprey                             Pandion haliaetus
 16   Honey Buzzard                      Pernis apivorus
 17   Montagu's Harrier                  Circus pygargus
 18   Avocet                             Recurvirostra avosetta
 19   Red-Necked Phalarope               Phalaropus lobatus
 20   Little Tern                        Sterna albifrons
 21   Wryneck                            Jynx torquilla
 22   Red-Backed Shrike                  Lanius collurio
 23   Dartford Warbler                   Sylvia undata
 24   Ladybird Spider                    Eresus niger
 25   Scarce Emerald Damselfly           Lestes dryas
 26   Norfolk Hawker Dragonfly           Aeshna isoceles
 27   Field-Cricket                      Gryllus campestris
 28   Wart-Biter Bush-Cricket            Decticus verrucivorus
 29   Large Marsh Grasshopper            Stethophyma grossum
 30   Silver-Spotted Skipper Butterfly   Hesperia comma
 31   British Swallowtail Butterfly      Papilio machaon
 32   Heath Fritillary Butterfly         Mellicta athalia

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