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The Living Ocean
Grandee (John Player & Sons) - 1985

Note:  Cards are "T-sized," approximately 2" x 3-1/2".

No.   Title                                  Classification

 1    Planktonic Larva of Crab               Licocarcinus marmoreus
 2    Sponges
 3    Sea Squirts, Hydroids and Soft Corals
 4    Compass Jellyfish                      Chrysaeora hysoscella
 5    Coral Polyps                           Tubastrea
 6    Ghost Crab                             Ocypode ceratopthalma
 7    Sea Spider                             Nymphon gracile
 8    Pyjama Nudibranch                      Chromodoris quadricolor
 9    Gaping File Shell                      Lima hians
10    Southern Blue-Ringed Octopus           Hapalochlaena maculosa
11    Common Sunstar                         Crossaster papposus
12    Edible Sea Urchin                      Echinus esculentus
13    White-Tip Reef Shark                   Triaenodon obesus
14    Spotted Moray                          Gymnothorax moringa
15    Flying Gurnard                         Dactylopterus volitans
16    Deep Sea Fish                          Pseudoscopelus
17    Triggerfish                            Balistes carolinensis
18    Spiny Puffer                           Diodon holocanthus
19    Smooth Spotted Trunkfish               Lactophrys bicaudalis
20    Queen Angelfish                        Holocanthus ciliaris
21    Tomato Clowns                          Amphiprion frenatus
22    Harlequin Tusk Fish                    Lienardella fasciata
23    Peacock Flounder                       Bothus lunatus
24    Sea Horse                              Hippocampus kuda
25    Sea Krait                              Laticauda semifasciata
26    Green Turtle                           Chelonia mydas
27    Galapagos Fur Seal                     Arctocephalus australis galapagoensis
28    Walrus                                 Odobenus rosmarus
29    Dolphin                                Delphinus delphis
30    Killer Whale                           Orcinus orca

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