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FA Cup Fact File
Match Magazine - 1986

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2-3/4" x 4-1/8", and were inserted in the
magazine as six-card perforated sheets.

No.   Player              Team

  1   Bryan Robson        Manchester United
  2   Kenny Dalglish      Liverpool
  3   Roy Aitken          Celtic
  4   Alan Davies         Newcastle
  5   Paul Allen          Tottenham
  6   B rian Talbot       Watford
  7   Steve Foster        Luton
  8   Davie Cooper        Rangers
  9   Nick Holmes         Southampton
 10   Alan Devonshire     West Ham
 11   Ray Wilkins         AC Milan
 12   Garth Crooks        West Brom
 13   Gordon Strachan     Manchester United
 14   Eric Black          Eric Black
 15   Bruce Grobbelaar    Liverpool
 16   Kerry Dixon         Chelsea
 17   Graham Rix          Arsenal
 18   Graham Roberts      Tottenham
 19   Trevor Steven       Everton
 20   Steve Mackenzie     West Brom
 21   Kevin Moran         Manchester United
 22   Peter Hucker        QPR
 23   Andy Gray           Aston Villa
 24   Glenn Hoddle        Tottenham
 25   Mo Johnston         Celtic
 26   Frank McGarvey      St. Mirren
 27   Steve Perryman      Tottenham
 28   David O'Leary       Arsenal
 29   David Geddis        Birmingham
 30   George Reilly       West Brom
 31   Mike Hazard         Chelsea

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