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Familiar Phrases
Wills's Cigarettes (Embassy) - 1986

Notes:  Cards are approximately 3-1/2" x 2-3/8". Thanks much to John Rand 
for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Back to square one
  2   Jump on the bandwagon
  3   Bark up the wrong tree
  4   In his birthday suit
  5   Busman's holiday
  6   Bury the hatchet
  7   Cock and bull story
  8   Come up to scratch
  9   Cry wolf
 10   In the dog house
 11   Drunk as a Lord
 12   Eat humble pie
 13   A feather in your cap
 14   Mind your P's and Q's
 15   Get the bird
 16   Get the sack
 17   Get one's goat
 18   Give her some pin money
 19   Going for a song
 20   Go the whole hog
 21   Gone for a Burton
 22   Hanged, drawn & quartered
 23   A hare-brained scheme
 24   Hauled over the coals
 25   Keeping up with the Joneses
 26   Kiss it better
 27   Leave no stone unturned
 28   Lick into shape
 29   In the limelight
 30   Mad as a hatter
 31   Navvy
 32   Not my pigeon
 33   Pay through the nose
 34   A pig in a poke
 35   Posh
 36   Put your foot in it
 37   A red herring
 38   Sent to Coventry
 39   Steal one's thunder
 40   Teetotal
 41   Tied up in red tape
 42   The three R's
 43   Up the spout
 44   Sweet Fanny Adams
 45   Take the cake
 46   A white elephant
 47   The whole shebang
 48   Worth his salt

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