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Britain's Nocturnal Wildlife
Grandee (John Player & Sons) - 1987

Note:  Cards are approximately 2" x 3-1/2".

No.   Title               Classification

 1    Hedgehog            Erinaceus europeus
 2    Serotine Bat        Eptesicus serotinus
 3    Brown Hare          Lepus capensis
 4    Dormouse            Muscardinus avellanarius
 5    Fox                 Vulpes vulpes
 6    Badger              Meles meles
 7    Otter               Lutra lutra
 8    Wild Cat            Felis silvestris
 9    Teal                Anas crecca
10    Woodcock            Scolopax rusticola
11    Barn Owl            Tyto alba
12    Tawny Owl           Strix aluco
13    Nightjar            Caprimulgus europeus
14    Nightingale         Luscinia megarhynchos
15    Common Toad         Bufo bufo
16    Tench               Tinca tinca
17    Garden Snail        Helix aspersa
18    Flat Periwinkle     Littorina littoralis
19    Lacewing            Chrysopa perla
20    Elephant Hawk Moth  Deilephila elpenor
21    White Plume Moth    Teraphorus pentadactyla
22    Caddis Fly          Limnephilus SPECIES
23    Stag Beetle         Lucanus cervus
24    Cockchafer          Melolontha melolontha
25    Mosquito            Culex SPECIES
26    Oak Bush Cricket    Meconema thalassinum
27    Garden Spider       Araneus diadematus
28    Shore Crab          Carcinus maenas
29    Common Prawn        Leander serratus
30    Crayfish            Astacus pallipes

--    (Collector's Album, mail-in offer)

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