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Display Fireworks
   Amabilino Photographic - 1988

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-1/16" x 2-15/16".  Card fronts feature full-colour 
photos and card backs show descriptive text.

No.   Title                         Display by

  1   Candles and Shells            Festival Fireworks
  2   Violet Sequence               Le Maitre Fireworks
  3   Candles                       Le Maitre Fireworks
  4   Bombette Candles              Kimbolton Fireworks
  5   Barrage of Candles            Festival Fireworks
  6   Multicolour Sequence          Phoenix Fireworks
  7   Candles and Shells            Le Maitre Fireworks
  8   Set Piece                     Phoenix Fireworks
  9   Fan Set Pieces                Phoenix Fireworks
 10   Fan Set Piece                 Phoenix Fireworks
 11   Water Fall                    Le Maitre Fireworks
 12   Shells and Ring Shells        Kimbolton Fireworks
 13   Candles and Shells            Kimbolton Fireworks
 14   Rockets and Shells            Phoenix Fireworks
 15   Multicolour Shells            Unwins Fireworks
 16   Candles, Rockets and Shells   Shell Shock
 17   Multicoulour Sequence         Kimbolton Fireworks
 18   Shells and More Shells        Unwins Fireworks
 19   Gold Sequence                 Shell Shock
 20   Torbillions                   Festival Fireworks
 21   Red Sequence                  Unwins Fireworks
 22   Mixed Shells                  Kimbolton Fireworks
 23   Candles and Shells            Unwins Fireworks
 24   Shells and Candles            Le Maitre Fireworks
 25   Thames Day                    Kimbolton Fireworks
 26   Flitter Shell                 Phoenix Fireworks
 27   Finalé (1)                    Le Maitre Fireworks
 28   Finalé (2)                    Festival Fireworks
 29   Finalé (3)                    Festival Fireworks
 30   Good Night                    Phoenix Fireworks

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