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Sporting Greats - Motor Racing
   Ace Fact Pack - 1988

Notes: Cards are approximately 2-15/16" x 3-9/16" with rounded corners, 
same pattern on backs. Obverses feature full-colour photos and descriptive 
text. No set title or numbers are shown.

      Title                 Birthplace

      [Title Card]
      Michele Alboreto      Milan, Italy
      Philippe Alliot       Voves, France
      Rene Arnoux           Grenoble, France
      Allen Berg            Vancouver, Canada
      Gerhard Berger        Vienna, Austria
      Thierry Boutsen       Brussels, Belgium
      Martin Brundle        Kings Lynn, England
      Alex Caffi            Rovato, Italy
      Ivan Capelli          Milan, Italy
      Eddie Cheever         Phoenix-Arizona, U.S.A.
      Christian Danner      Munich, West Germany
      Andrea De Cesaris     Rome, Italy
      Johnny Dumfries       Rothesay, Scotland
      Teo Fabi              Milan, Italy
      Piercarlo Ghinzani    Riviera D'Adda, Italy
      Stefan Johannson      Vaxjo, Sweden
      Alan Jones            Melbourne, Australi
      Jacques Laffite       Paris, France
      Nigel Mansell         Upton-on-Severn, England
      Satoro Nakajima       Ozaki City, Japan
      Alessandro Nannini    Rome, Italy
      Jonathan Palmer       London, England
      Riccardo Patrese      Padova, Italy
      Nelson Piquet         Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
      Alain Prost           Saint Chamond, France
      Keke Rosberg          Stockholm, Sweden
      Huub Rothengatter     Bussem, Netherlands
      Ayrton Senna          Sao Paulo, Brazil
      Philippe Streiff      Grenoble, France
      Marc Surer            Aresdorf, Switzerland
      Patrick Tambay        Cannes, France
      Derek Warwick         Alresford, England

      (storage box)

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