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Britain's Maritime History
Tom Thumb - 1989

Note:  Cards are approximately 2-7/8" x 2-1/4", with artwork by Gordon Frickers,
Wilfred Hardy, and Edward Walker; text by Peter R. March.

No.   Ship

  1   Henry Grace a Dieu
  2   Golden Hind
  3   Mayflower
  4   Soverign of the Seas
  5   HMS Victory
  6   Charlotte Dundas
  7   HMS Comet
  8   Seringapatam
  9   Sirius
 10   SS Great Britain
 11   SS Great Eastern
 12   HMS Warrior
 13   Cutty Sark
 14   Turbinia
 15   Discovery
 16   Mauretania
 17   HMS Furious
 18   HMS Argus
 19   HMS Hood
 20   Queen Elizabeth
 21   HMS Belfast
 22   HMS Kelly
 23   HMS Vanguard
 24   HMS Amethyst
 25   HMS Ark Royal
 26   HMS Grey Goose
 27   HMS Dreadnought
 28   Gypsy Moth IV
 29   QE2
 30   HMS Invincible

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