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Golfing Greats
G B Cards & T W Cards - 1989

Note:  Cards are approximately 2-1/2" x 3-1/8".

No.   Golfer

  1   George Duncan
  2   Bobby Jones
  3   Lawson Little
  4   A. G. Havers
  5   Alex Herd
  6   Henry Cotton
  7   C. J. H. Tolley
  8   Robert Harris
  9   Doris Chambers
 10   J. W. Sweetser
 11   Abe Mitchell
 12   Pam Barton
 13   C. A. Whitcombe
 14   Edward Ray
 15   Aubrey Boomer
 16   Harry Vardon
 17   Tommy Armour
 18   Walter Hagen
 19   George Gadd
 20   J. H. Taylor

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