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Panasonic European Open
Birchgrey Ltd. - 1989

Notes:  Cards are approximately 2.5" x 3", and were intended for sale as a
complete set, not as product inserts.  Thanks to The Card Cellar for the checklist!

No.   Title

  1   Severiano Ballesteros
  2   Peter Baker
  3   Ian Woosnam
  4   Gordon Brand Jr.
  5   Paul Way
  6   Ken Brown
  7   Sam Torrance
  8   Jose-Maria Canizares
  9   Des Smyth
 10   Howard Clark
 11   Peter Senior
 12   Eamonn Darcy
 13   Jose Rivero
 14   Roger Davis
 15   Ronan Rafferty
 16   Nick Faldo
 17   Manuel Pinero
 18   Anders Forsbrand
 19   Jose-Maria Olazabal
 20   Mark James
 21   Christy O'Connor, Jnr.
 22   Barry Lane
 23   Mark McNulty
 24   Bernhard Langer
 25   Sandy Lyle

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